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Als onderdeel van de #yfucommunity organiseert YFU Nederland maandelijkse meetups. Het doel is om returnees (oud-studenten) te binden, verbinden, empoweren en te activeren.

'The idea of meetups is to empower volunteers to become part of the #yfufamily - a big community of people that helps each other in different areas. 

We want volunteers to become active and committed members of YFU. To create this feeling we first need to give them something to feel part of the community. Meetups are supposed to be an icebreaker between committees and volunteers that haven’t met each other. 

It’s a monthly opportunity to people to know what are they up to, what are they projects, if they need help finding host families or with an exchange student. Also to build friendships, I truly believe that people that share more than the YFU experience, will easily enjoy to do stuff for us if they share this time with friends.  It’s in this moment when YFU turns from an experience in your childhood to a way of life.'


Coming soon

Meetup #2

20-10-2018 (zaterdag) 

Start: 20:00

Utrecht / Fiesta Macumba

Meetup #1

05-10-2018 (vrijdag) 
Cafe Vrijdag Amsterdam


Facundo Stanic

Community Engagement Manager



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